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Snoring Factoid:
Most snorers exceed 38 decibels of sound, equivalent to the noise of light highway traffic
(Study by HealthEast and Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic, cited here)

Happy Holidays to Our Readers!
December 2003  Issue 15


NewsDrug treatments for sleep apnea on the horizon   

Good news for those who hate their CPAP system, which remains the most effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  Over the next year, it's probable that your doctor will be able to prescribe drugs that will prevent or alleviate your condition.

So far this year PutanEndtoSnoring has tracked three developments that offer hope for anti-apnea drugs:

  • Researchers at the University of Illinois gave 12 patients the anti-depressant drug mirtazapine. They found it cut in half the number of times breathing stopped or slowed during sleep and reduced the number of times sleep was disrupted by 28 percent. The drug firm Organon, which markets mirtazapine as Remeron and funded the study, is no doubt hard at work getting the necessary FDA approval to label Remeron as suitable to treat OSA.
  • Another drug company, Cephalon, has gotten the FDA to do just that for its product Provigil, which the company says has been shown to improve wakeful in OSA sufferers.  "We expect precise labeling language to be decided by year end, which keeps us on-track to launch the new indications to a broader group of physicians with our expanded sales force early next year, " says the company.
  • And finally, drugs that increase heart rate may also be beneficial in treating apnea.  French researchers found that stepping up heart pacemakers relieved apnea in several of their patients. They suggest that the faster heart rates may be stimulating various nerves, which then prompt the brain to normalize breathing.

As of today, no doctor will tell you to scrap your CPAP machine in favor of a drug regime.  But this time next year, who knows, OSA sufferers may have become a lucrative new market for the pharmaceutical companies!

Note that PutanEndtoSnoring is not written by a medical professional. I'd welcome comments and supplementary research from any physician or sleep specialist reading this.

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December's Featured Product is Restore Medical's Pillar System

Perhaps the year's most exciting development for snoring sufferers has been the Pillar Palatal Restoration Procedure pioneered by Restore Medical, Inc. The Pillar System uses three tiny inserts to support and stiffen the palate, which reduces the vibration that causes most snoring.  The inserts are made of a polyester material which has been safely used for many years in medical products such as sutures and artificial heart valves. The procedure was approved by the FDA in December last year and results from early adopters are encouraging.  (Editors note: Restore Medical is a sponsor of our web site) 

Click here to find a physician who performs this procedure in your area

Feature  The best snoring cure: Weight loss

I know it's tactless and perhaps useless to say this at this time of year (yes, I'll take another slice of pumpkin pie, thanks) but losing weight is a proven method of reducing snoring.  That's why I found the recent Dateline episode, The Weight Loss Challenge, very interesting.

Dateline showed several diet programs being used, and followed the results. They were:

  • Weight Watchers
  • Slim Fast
  • Atkins diet
  • Extreme exercise
  • Hypnotism
  • Jorge Cruise weight-loss program

The participant with the most impressive record was Marc, a pastry chef, who used hypnosis to lose 13 pounds in a single week. Dateline did a terrific job of demonstrating hypnosis and hypnotherapy to the public.

In addition to Marc (who used hypnosis), other participants included:

  • Lynne - extreme exercise and a daily 1,300-calorie diet. Her weight did not change in three months.
  • Mark "Gio" - used the Slim Fast diet. After 1 week on Slim Fast "Gio" gained 3 pounds.
  • Kathy - did Weight Watchers, stayed under 20 points/day; Lost 4.8 pounds in one week ("I starved all week.")
  • Eleanor - at 300 pounds used an 8 min. weight workout; she lost three pounds in the first week.
  • Rick - followed the Atkins low-carb diet. Also exercised. And lost 13 pounds
  • And of course, there was Marc - (the pastry chef), who decided to try hypnosis.  He lost 13 pounds in first week.  And the fascinating part is that Marc, using hypnosis, did not suffer. The guy was happy. He felt good and it happened naturally.

Here are some of the results after 3 months...

  • Kathy lost 18 pounds.

  • Eleanor lost 24 pounds.

  • Lynne lost 14 pounds

  • Marc lost 40 pounds (and didn't suffer during that time.)

Marc says he now enjoys exercising and has developed a greater love for healthy, nutritious food. In fact, he says he wants to, rather than feeling he ought to. All he wants now is healthy food, he says.

If you are interested in the hypnosis approach to weight loss, check out Wendi Friessen's Weight Release CD Set. (I'm assuming you don't need this newsletter to point you to all the other weight loss approaches). 

You can read the complete article about the Dateline story here

Send us your own snoring/sleep story, we'll use it in this slot.

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ForumFrom the PutanEndtoSnoring Forum:

This section features some interesting posting to our forum.  This month we pass along reader Jane's shopping tip:

I got sleep angels at eBay for only $9.97 each. Go check it out. Just look under sleep angel in the search box.

This is an excuse for us to update our July story on Sleep Angel, an elastic head-strap that helps you keep your mouth shut while you sleep . We reported the results of our own survey that showed about 25% of Sleep Angel wearers reported reduced snoring.  There were also several readers who felt misled by the company's return policy and high price of what is a pretty simple product ($59.95 plus a hefty S&H fee).  Since that story, the Sleep Angel brand has vanished and has re-emerged without explanation as Sleep Wizard and Snoring Stopper.

Add your comments!


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