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May 2009 


New advances in anti-snoring dental devices allow self-adjustment

rom our experience, the most effective over the counter, non-invasive snoring remedies are the plastic mouthpieces which you wear overnight, and which prevent snoring by advancing your lower jaw slightly thereby keeping your airways open.

There are numerous versions of these mouthpieces available via the Internet, almost all falling into the "boil and bite" category.  Made of soft plastic, you soften the device in hot water, then you mold it your mouth, holding your jaw forward a small amount.  When the mold cools, it is firm but flexible and will keep your jaw slightly advanced while asleep.

Dentists, as you would guess, feel they should be the ones to prescribe and fit such a device.  They have been somewhat scornful of the one-size-fits-all "boil-and-bite" products. They would prefer you to go with an expensive, dentist-fitted, custom-made device that will, they say be more comfortable and effective.  But, of course, more expensive.   

A compromise between the one-size-fits-all approach and a dentist-prescribed solution is the infinitely adjustable SomnoGuard AP. which we recently tested courtesy of our sponsor NoSnoreZone.com. 

Unlike the first generation boil-and-bite models, the SomnoGuard AP is a two-piece device that allows lateral movement of the jaw. Each piece is molded separately, allowing for a tighter fit that makes it less likely you will spit out the device while you sleep. The upper and lower pieces fit together by sliding a screw attached to the lower piece into a groove on the upper piece.  By adjusting the amount that the screw protrudes from the lower piece, you can easily control the amount of advancement to find just the right setting that is both comfortable for you and inhibits your snoring. Ingenious!

This mouthpiece sells for $169.95, about twice the cost of the simpler products but still much cheaper than the prescription-only products.  NoSnoreZone.com will ship anywhere in the world for this price.

For more information: NoSnoreZone.com

See also a review of research and guidelines into the use of oral devices to treat mild obstructive sleep apnea

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This Newsletter's Featured Product: SnorePlugs

Most readers of this newsletter may have no use for this product -- but your long-suffering bed partner will!  Direct from Taiwan, SnorePlugsTM are next-generation hydrophilic foam earplugs, with very high noise reduction (SNR 37db), softer and more comfortable than non-hydrophilic plugs.  They absorb moisture in the ear canal, keeping them comfortable for longer periods. They're also long-lasting, keeping their shape no matter how much you scrunch them up each night when you put them in.  Add these to your partner's Christmas stocking and you'll sleep through the night with your partner by your side!  Buy SnorePlugs at The Snoring Shop

Smart Anti-Snore Pillow responds to the sound of your snoring!

Does your partner have to push you to stop your snoring? The new Smart Anti Snore Pillow will do the job automatically. A built-in sensor detects your snoring and gently shifts your head and neck left and right, restoring proper sleep posture.

This new pillow was introduced in Taiwan last year and has been clinically tested to reduce snoring.  It's ergonomic mold positions the body in the optimum position for sleeping, perfectly aligning the head, neck and vertebra in a straight line. Even without the patented shifting feature, the Smart Anti-Snore Pillow functions as a therapeutic pillow designed to promote healthy sleep.

The unique feature of the Smart Anti-Snore Pillow is its patented technology that detects snoring sounds and responds by shifting left and right in order to adjust the positions of your neck and tongue, reducing snoring by opening your airways. Over time, this gentle movement will tone your neck muscles and reduce snoring permanently.

Newsletter readers may obtain a free DVD from us to see exactly how this pillow works. We have also arranged for readers to obtain the Smart Anti-Snore Pillow before its general release in the United States. We can offer it at a special price of $295.  Call 770-645-8750 for more information of request thre free DVD by emailing us at smart-pillow@putanendtosnoring.com.

  • Read more information on anti-snoring pillows on our website.

Z-Snore All-Natural Snoring Spray

We have tried several anti-snoring sprays, most of which work by oiling your throat so that it doesn't squeak, I mean roar, at night. We have not found them personally effective. Z-Snore, a new all-natural snoring remedy, is different, in that it tones and shrinks the throat muscles, tonsils and mucus membranes, improving respiration.  To quote my wife, Z-Snore "certainly seems to help."

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