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Snoring Factoid:
Untreated apnea patients run a 3% risk of stroke and heart attack. 
(The Lancet 2002)

July 2002  Issue 9

NewsSnoreplasty update: results still seem promising, but don't believe claims that it is "painless"   

Injection Snoreplasty was introduced in May 2001 as a "safe and effective palatal snoring procedure with minimal cost and discomfort." Surgeons at Walter Reed Army Medical Center reported that 25 of 27 patients reported a significant decrease in snoring after the procedure, in which a scarring agent is injected into the soft palate. The scars stiffen the palate and reduce the vibration that causes the snoring sound.

Many ENT specialists have enthusiastically jumped on this procedure, which can be performed relatively cheaply in the surgeon's office. (An average fee seems to be $450 per injection.) A big selling point is that it is "virtually painless" according to many web sites, such as Columbia University's. 

Painless? Ask Laura, who underwent the procedure on June 3: "It has been the most uncomfortable experience, next to childbirth, of my life!" she wrote on our bulletin board.   Another contributor, Paul, said: "Just wanted to let you know that I was totally unprepared for the amount of pain it caused - the first 24 hours were pretty brutal"

How about the recovery?  It's a breeze says Virginia ENT"Patients can return to school or work after leaving the office, if they desire." Not Laura: "I've missed 2 days of work with this, the following day after the procedure and yesterday because the pain was so intense with the growing ulcer.  At this point, I have a HUGE hole (ulcer) surrounding my uvula that looks like it wants to swallow my uvula up! Prior to that, a LOT of mucous drip, horrible tasting stuff in my mouth..."  Paul also missed two days of work.

On July 3, Kevin posted on our site: "I had the Snoreplasty procedure completed 2 weeks ago, and as an unwanted result, have a hole (ulcer) the size of a nickel above my uvula. Have any others had a similar experience?"

OK, so maybe doctors are downplaying the impact of the procedure, but does it work? Do the patients stop snoring? Here the news seems better.  To quote Paul again: "The back of my neck has healed nicely and there's only a smooth spot where the wound had been. My wife says my snoring has decreased markedly. I will undergo one more treatment [this month], consisting of two injections. I'm not looking forward to it, but in for a penny, in for a pound."

Dr. William Gatti, who says he has completed over 100 procedures without problems, comments that surgeons need to be careful to ensure that the injection solution is placed just under the mucosal lining at the base of the uvula at the lower soft palate, "and NOT injected into the muscle."  He adds that ulceration or erosion actually will create more scar and stiffening at the tissues of the palate- "this is desirable."

Injection snoreplasty remains too new to judge its long-term effectiveness, but clearly many ENT specialists believe that the procedure is a useful tool in their arsenal.  But a little more realism about the pain caused by the procedure seems indicated.

Read more about injection snoreplasty here.  And remember, information provided by PutanEndtoSnoring does not substitute for the advice of your physician. 

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Feature  Feature article:  Aromatherapy


Anything that helps you breathe better at night may reduce your snoring.  Aromatherapy enthusiasts swear by marjoram oil as a surefire way to relax your respiratory system at night.  The oil is typically sold in a jar; the oil saturates a sort of sponge.  You leave the jar open by your bedside, allowing the oils to gradually fill your bedroom with a pleasant scent. 

I first became interested in this snoring remedy when 2StopSnoring sent me a jar of their marjoram oil.  I still do not know whether it works for my particular type of snoring (which has more to do with a flabby palate than congestion), but I liked the smell in my bedroom.

I decided it was more than a gimmick after receiving this unsolicited testimonial from our reader Jacquie Heffner, who picked up a couple of jars (brand unknown) at a home and garden show:  

"My husband has snored for twenty years...so loud I can hear him through a closed door.  I would have to repeatedly wake him up so I could fall asleep. Friday night I bought a jar of this Marjoram and a jar of lavendar, opened it up...and HIS SNORING STOPPED.....Last night...I went to bed after he did....forgot to open the jars...and he was snoring again...so I got up...opened the jars (on the nightstand near him)...and went back to bed....and HE STOPPED SNORING....I think...this is a miracle cure....For the FIRST time in 20 years...no snoring...only his breathing...."

Further investigation revealed numerous purveyors of marjoram oil on the Internet.  Some are listed on our web site.

Send me your experiences with this or other snoring cures and we'll use it in this slot.

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ForumFrom the PutanEndtoSnoring Forum:

This section features a current posting to our forum.   We welcome all readers experiences with snoring remedies of all types.

Says Paul, on July 16:

Using a dummy at sleeptime prevents breathing through the mouth. Cheap and readily available at all pharmacies and supermarkets. Buy one today. No more snoring. Happy partners at bedtime.

We're guessing that Paul is a Brit because of his use of the word "dummy" which most people would refer to as "pacifier."   Given that he's a Brit, we can assume this posting is tongue-in-cheek. Or is that dummy-in-cheek?

Add your comments!

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