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The Snorer who Nose it's a Problem will naturally turn to allergy medicine for relief.  That may help reduce snoring, but there are also several other solutions that may be helpful.

The first may be to explore with your ENT specialist whether your snoring could be caused by some physical blockage in your nose.  Overuse of nasal decongestants, ironically, may lead over time to swelling of the soft tissue in your nose -- turbinate hypertrophy, it's called.  Treatment could include nose sprays to reduce swelling or, more drastically, laser surgery to cut back those turbinates.  Your ENT may also recommend septoplasty to correct a deviated septum.

Allergies may also, in some cases, lead to growth of nasal polyps, little growths in your nose that disrupt the flow of air and can cause snoring.  These can be removed surgically. 

Here are other remedies you could try if you Nose it's a Problem:

In conjunction with products that keep your nasal passages open, you should consider products that keep your mouth closed at night. Understandably, you may have developed the habit of sleeping with your mouth open.

As for your sleeping partner, here are a couple of lifelines that could save your relationship:

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