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Nose it's a Problem

Poor Marsha.  It's pollen season again and she can barely function at work.  Her eyes stream, her nose is red from continual contact with tissues, and she's dead tired because her husband prodded her all night to stop her snoring.

She's long known that she snores when her nose is stuffed up, of course, but she never really considered it more than a minor embarrassment.  She'd gotten used to being teased by her roommates on those few occasions when she'd go on a church retreat.  But now that she's married, she's become aware that her husband is long past the stage of teasing her and has, to her dismay, taken to sleeping on the couch when her allergies are really playing up.

So that's why you'll find her at her desk today, box of tissues close at hand, searching the Internet.  She's become a snorer who Nose it's a Problem.

Check out our suggested remedies for Marsha and those like her.

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