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Why have we called this snoring type, Snoring out an SOS? Simply because your snoring is an audible cry for help. 

Snorers in this category may not have unmistakable symptoms of apnea, like waking up gasping for breath, but they do have other pointers to this sleep disorder, most noticeably sleepiness.

Unfortunately, many primary care physicians are slow to associate fatigue with a sleep disorder.  They are more likely to order blood tests, or suspect depression as a cause of your tiredness.   In fact, it could be the other way round:

  • "You feel tired because you've lost interest in your job" becomes "I've lost my enthusiasm for work because I'm tired all the time"
  • "You're tired because you're depressed" becomes "I'm unable to function properly because I'm exhausted, and yes, that's bringing me down."
  • "You snore because you're overweight," could instead be: "I'm overweight for the same reason that I snore: I have a sleep disorder that leaves me without the energy I need to exercise."

If your responses to the questionnaire indicate you are Snoring out an SOS, it's important that you don't simply address the snoring.  You must tackle the underlying sleep disorder.  Here are our suggested steps:

  • See your doctor and, if necessary, ask for a referral to a sleep specialist.  
  • A polysomnogram (sleep study) is the best way of identifying any sleep disorder
  • If your insurance won't cover a sleep study, alert your doctor to new, inexpensive devices that may screen you for apnea.
  • If you do have sleep apnea, your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes, which can help reduce the severity of apnea
  • Next step would be to consider a CPAP machine
  • Dental devices may help
  • And finally, there's always the knife -- or laser

As for your sleeping partner, here are a couple of lifelines that could save your relationship:



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