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Anything that helps you breathe better at night may reduce your snoring.  Aromatherapy enthusiasts swear by their chosen blends of essential oil as a surefire way to relax your respiratory system at night.

Marjoram oil is widely believed to be the most appropriate oil for snorers. Typically sold in a jar; the oil saturates a sort of sponge.  You leave the jar open by your bedside, allowing the oils to gradually fill your bedroom with a pleasant scent.

Other aromatherapists concoct a blend of oils.  These may come in small concentrated bottles.  You place a drop or two underneath your nose or massage into your neck.


We are not aware of any clinical studies proving the effectiveness of aromatherapy for snoring but have received some apparently genuine endorsements.  "My husband has snored for twenty loud I can hear him through a closed door," wrote one of our readers. "Friday night I bought a jar of marjoram and a jar of lavender, opened it up...and HIS SNORING STOPPED....."

If your snoring type is Snoring out an SOS or Silent Killer, forget your snoring: your most important task is to treat your sleep apnea (fortunately, CPAP will take care of your snoring).  If you're a Socially Incorrect snorer, this may be worth a try, perhaps in combination with other treatments; at least your bedroom will smell nice.

Product List

Anti Snoring Blend from Aromatherapy Clinic
Aroma Sensations sells a marjoram oil blend
Ear candles, available from several suppliers, including Coning Works, may help clear the sinuses and reduce snoring
Marjoram fragrancer, from the Comfort Shop
Native Remedies Congesto-K Pillow Spritzer, all- natural pillow spray
Snoring Remedy Massage Oil -- consists of cajeput, geranium, marjoram, chamomile, petitgrain and lavender
Stop Snoring Blend -- "apply onto the skin just below your nose before retiring, apply a few drops to your pillow, or use it in our electrical diffuser"
Vicks Vaporub, not exactly aromatherapy, but some of our readers swear by Vicks as a snoring antidote.icon



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