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Best Snoring Cures

#1) Anti Snoring Chin Strap

While these stop snoring devices may not be the most attractive “fashion accessory” they are nonetheless very effective for snorers who typically snore with open mouths. The neoprene fabric secures the snorer’s jaw from slackening and dropping while sleeping which is how mouth snoring is initiated. 

These anti snoring chin straps have been featured on Morley Safer's American Medical Review television series, as well and the My Snoring Solution stop snoring chin strap is the most comfortable and effective anti-snoring cure available. It has been clinically proven to help reduce or eliminate snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, depression and daytime sleepiness.  Customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.  They have an extremely low return rate for the industry – less than 2%!

Personally, I tested this snoring device, and after the hysterical laughter from my wife subsided, we both settled in for a snore free, restful night. This snore free device is relatively inexpensive, easy to clean, lightweight and compact (great for travelling) and extremely effective.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and consequently snoring is the result of a collapsed or constricted airway.  Many sufferers have tried using a chin strap of some kind in the past to prevent the mouth from falling open while asleep with varying degrees of success.  My Snoring Solution has specifically designed their snoring jaw supporter for maximum comfort and effectiveness at opening throat airways; the very cause of OSA and snoring!

When you are asleep and your jaw drops open, your tongue falls into the back of your throat.  This narrows the airway to just a small opening or, even worse, closes it completely.  When you attempt to breathe through this vastly reduced opening, vibrations in the throat occur which produce your snoring sounds.  The My Snoring Solution Jaw Supporter prevents this whole episode from occurring in the first place. We highly recommend this product *****


#2) Blackstone Anti Snoring Pillow

This simple yet effective anti snoring product simply replaces your traditional pillow with a contoured pillow that is proven to promote better alignment with the jaw forward and the chin elevated for maximum airway expansion. The pillows are constructed with a shallow center and a raised outer edge to keep the head nestled and comfortable while inhibiting sleep postures that aggravate snoring.

Along with the chin strap device, I have found this addition to my anti snoring arsenal has also helped in minimizing my ‘buzzsaw’ tendencies. In addition, I find the pillow quite ergonomically comfortable and feel more refreshed in the morning and never have a kink in my neck or suffer soreness from a ‘sloppy’ traditional pillow.

This stop snoring pillow is the best we experienced and another effective defense against chronic snoring. **** ½



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