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Here's where we list any snoring remedy that doesn't fit a traditional category.  Call them off-the-wall snoring cures, but who knows, they may do the trick for you.

Hypnosis for the snorer...

If you have ever seen how a performing hypnotist can make fools out of apparently normal people, you may be willing to accept that you can be mesmerized into stopping snoring.  Wendi Friesen will sell you hypnosis CDs that will enable you to do just about anything. After you read the blurb on her stop-snoring CD, browse her pages to see her other claims. 


Singing can stop snoring? This is totally logical, if you think about it.  Snoring is caused by lax throat muscles; singing uses those muscles; therefore, singing exercises can tighten them and reduce snoring.  Singing for Snorers is a 3-CD set of exercises specifically designed for snorers to tone the areas of the throat where the snoring vibration can take place. Over time, the manufacturer suggests, you may achieve a toned, athletic pharynx that is less inclined to collapse and vibrate in sleep.

Throat muscle toning

Using the same rationale as Singing for Snorers above, the muscle toning exercises stretch and activate throat muscles to restore their strength. Stronger muscles keep the air channel wide open allowing the air to flow into lunges without obstruction, and therefore without snoring.   An exercise-based program is The Stop Snoring Exercise Program.

Tongue training

Yes, indeed, it appears you can train your tongue to position itself properly while you sleep.  It's true that snoring and sleep apnea can result from your tongue blocking your airways, so maybe  this vendor is onto something. 

Magnetic therapy

Anyone for a nose ring? The Snore Free is a small plastic ring with two earth magnets. The ring is attached to the nose overnight and, the manufacturers say, magnetically stimulates the sensory nerves of the nose which opens the nasal passage thus preventing snoring. Snoreclipse is a similar product that uses magnets to apply a gentle pressure to the nasal septume to increase circulation and prevent snoring.

The ANTI SNOR Therapeutic Ring is a silver ring that applies pressure to your little finger as you sleep, allowing energy to flow freely through the body via acupressure points. Why that would stop you snoring is not well explained, but the manufacturer points out that belief in the efficacy of acupuncture goes back a lot longer than many other medical theories.  And they do offer a one-year guarantee.

Anti-Snoring Bracelet  

The device on this person's arm is a SnoreStopper from Hivox Biotek. It sends out small electronic pulses when snoring is detected, stimulating her brain, causing her to relax and/or change position.  We'd love to hear from anyone who has tried this.



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