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Anti Snoring Chin Straps

If you or your sleeping ‘buddy’ are chain sawing during the night(no light snoring thing!) while the other one tosses and turns, unable to sleep, an anti snoring chin strap can be the remedy that you are seeking. An anti snoring chin strap is an anti-snoring device that is strapped across the chin and around the back of the head to contain snoring caused by sleeping with the mouth open.
The chin strap, typically made of stretchy neoprene, assists in keeping the jaw and mouth shut and forcing the mouth snorer to breathe naturally through the nasal passage. Snoring chin straps are not a fashion statement by any means, (in fact you will get a good belly laugh the first few times you or your mate straps it on!) but when the lights are turned off, you won’t see or hear your partner either. 

Eliminates Open Mouth Snoring

Snoring chin straps were considered to be “gimmicky” products when first released, however because of its simple and effective treatment,  it has gained widespread acceptance, even in some hospitals and sleep clinics. Because the chin strap effectively keeps the slack jaw closed and the mouth shut, it encourages snorers to breathe through their nose. Mouth snoring represents about  85% of all snoring problems, so a large majority of snorers can achieve an immediate cure to their affliction with this non surgical, cost effective anti snoring device. Very few people snore when they are breathing through their noses.

How it Works

The anti snoring chinstrap wraps around the chin and the back of the head to secure the jaw closed and mouth shut during sleep. It’s a very simple device that is easy to use, clean ( hand or machine wash) and store(small and compact). We have reviewed several chin strap models and have found the neoprene anti snoring chin strap from My Snoring Solution is well made, durable, easy to clean, and comfortable anti snoring chin strap. Most user feedback is positive and most snorers report that after a few nights, they don’t even remember they are wearing it at all. Anti snoring chin straps will in most cases provide an almost instantaneous alleviation of  a chronic snoring problem without expensive dental devices or invasive surgery.

Many people would snore less if they would breathe through their nose at night, not their mouth.

If you are used to having a stuffy nose, you have probably learned to breathe through your mouth at night.  Even once you learn to keep your nose clearer (perhaps using nasal strips or sprays or, perhaps, nasal surgery), you may continue to mouth-breathe through habit.

Breathing through your mouth is bad for several reasons, one of which is that your mouth will dry out, resulting in loud snoring.  By one estimate, as many as 85% of snorers sleep with their mouths open.   Not surprisingly, several products attack the problem of snoring by trying to change the way you breathe.

Product List

The Chin-Up Strip keeps your mouth shut at night through the use of a U-shaped adhesive strip that curls around your lower lip.
A heavier-duty solution is the Nose Breathe Mouthpiece for Heavy Snorer, which is a mouthpiece that presses your tongue to the roof of the mouth creating a lip seal that pretty much forces you to breathe through your nose.
The SnorEnder looks like a chin strap but adds acupressure and magnetic therapy to help reduce snoring.
The  Nellcor chin strap is available from Allegro Medical
Another chin strap comes from
Various chin straps are also available from the CPAP Store
The Snore Seal uses adhesive strips to seal your mouth closed.  You can breathe gently but not noisily through your mouth via the baffle that connects the strips.
Also consider two products from down under: Snorgon, and
Snore Stopper, both soft collars that elevate your chin during sleep and keep your airways open.


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