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The Mandibular Advancement Appliances from NoSnoreZone are worn in the mouth while sleeping and will greatly reduce or stop snoring entirely.  These appliances gently advance the mandible (lower jaw) and keeping it from falling back.  This keeps the airway open and prevents the tongue from touching the soft tissues at the back of the throat, which prevents the vibration that causes snoring.  Listed below are NoSnoreZone's four leading mandibular advancement products.  All are available in a one-size-fits-all format, and all can be fitted at home.

The  Noiselezz is a very simple and comfortable one piece design.  There is usually no fitting
required.  The Noiselezz may be more suitable for open-mouth sleepers. 

Somnoguard® Classic
The upper and lower trays of the Somnoguard Classic are fitted to your teeth, this is a simple procedure which you can do yourself.  Fitting is quick and painless and only takes a few minutes.  The Somnoguard Classic is a one-piece appliance which may be more suitable for closed-mouth sleepers, complete with a breathing opening in the front. 

®Somnoguard 2.0
The Somnoguard 2.0 delivers the same benefits as the Somnoguard Classic, but is specifically designed for those who want a deeper impression in the molar area. 


Somnoguard AP
This 2-piece design allows for the lateral movement of the mandible (lower jaw).  The upper and lower teeth are molded separately.  Do-it-yourself fitting is quick and quite simple.  An adjustment screw allows for varied advancement and more accuracy.  This device can be remolded and refit many times. 

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