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Back in 1908, L.F. Liebhardt patented an anti-snoring device that involved strapping a ball to the snorer's back.  “My invention consists of a hollow, compressible, imperforate body of suitable size, adapted to be centrally secured to the back of the sleeper and protruding sufficiently therefrom, to make it practically impossible for the wearer to lie upon his back for any length of time”  Ouch.

It's not known whether Mr. Liebhardt got rich off his invention, but he was certainly onto something.  Most people snore more loudly when they're on their back, and many a snorer has been gently (or not so gently) rolled onto their side in the middle of the night by their long-suffering partner.  During the Civil War, we are told, small cannonballs were sewn into the backs of uniforms to keep soldiers from snoring and alerting the enemy.

Several products, therefore, are designed to teach you to sleep on your side by making it uncomfortable to lie on your back.  But even on your side, the position of your head can affect the movement of air through your nasal and throat passages, and the level of the vibrations that cause snoring.  Several companies manufacture pillows, collars and even mattresses that will optimally position your body to reduce snoring and improve sleep quality.

If you are suffering from sleep apnea or are simply a heavy snorer, a sleep posture correction device is unlikely to be a complete solution for you but some Socially Incorrect Snorers may benefit from a device that helps you sleep on your side or in some way positions your head to improve your air intake.

Our top recommendation goes to the Blackstone Pillow. This smartly designed pillow alleviates snoring conditions by positioning your head into a snore-free alignment!

Product List

Better Sleep Pillow - Side Sleeper from Allegro Medical. 
Cradle Sleep Pillow
LatexSupport Pillow, with a roller in the middle that will keep your head on its side. Also available from Therapy Healthcare Center.
The PAPillow is designed especially for CPAP users

The PopitzPillow, based upon the Sniff Position, best for those who sleep on their back
Smart Anti-Snore Pillow, an intriguing idea from Taiwan: the pillow detects your snoring and then moves left and right, forcing a change in position that may open your airways.

Snore Pillow
Snorgon, an adjustable collar that supports your chin

Stop Snoring Ball, based on the same concept L.F. Liebhardt came up with in 1908, this ball clips to your back to keep you sleeping on your side throughout the night
Stop Snoring Chin Pillow, same idea as Snorgon
Tempur-Pedic has commissioned research showing that its Swedish Neck Pillow reduces snoring. 
Thera-P-Anti-Snoring Cradle Pillow
Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow



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