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Can a pill or nasal spray cure snoring?

Several vendors believe that the easiest way to stop some types of snoring is a pill before bedtime.
How they work:

Anti-snoring pills contain natural plant enzymes and herbs that are able to break down body secretions, including mucous, allowing the body to reabsorb them and reduce congestion. The herbs are also said to prevent throat and nose tissue swelling, resulting in a more open and smoother airflow that helps reduce snoring.

A new daily pill is in development that shows patients experiencing a 40% reduction in symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea with virtually no side effects. Read about it here.

Not all homeopathic remedies are pills...

There are several products, packaged as nose drops or nasal sprays, that open your airways and remove congestion.  And at least one product, SnoreControl, comes as a spray that is absorbed under your tongue. Also, consider aromatherapy.

Another homeopathic remedy for nasal congestion is the neti pot. Shaped like Aladdin's lamp, the neti pot uses saltwater to flush allergens out of the sinuses. This vessel has been used in India for thousands of years. You can find more information on neti pots here.

Product List

Homeo-S, nasal spray

Quit Snoring Care Kit, contains three remedies
Sinus Buster.  "The Sinus Buster formula has long been thought of as an excellent snoring remedy when taken in each nostril just before bed," says the company
SnorEase, pills
Snore Control, a spray by King Bio Natural Medicines
Snore MD, pills (appears to be rebranded Dr. Harris)
SnoreStop, pills and oral spray

Zapnea, homeopathic throat spray
YSnore, homeopathic nose drops and sprays




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