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The Sleep Pro System

Most dental devices designed to cure snoring fall into two categories -- the "boil and bite" solution, which is inexpensive but may work only some of the time, and the custom-manufactured appliance, usually fitted by your dentist, costing many times more than the first type, that may prove to be a longer-lasting and more effective snoring remedy.

The designers of the Sleep Pro are the first to offer a custom-made solution that your can fit yourself, thereby saving the hundred of dollars your dentist would charge.   (Sleep Pro is a sponsor of this web site).

Sleep Pro 1

The basic Sleep Pro is a "boil and bite" model.  Made of soft plastic, you soften it in hot water, then you mold it your mouth, holding your jaw forward a small amount.  When the mold cools, it is firm but flexible and will keep your jaw slightly advanced while asleep.  The Sleep Pro is distinguished from other "boil and bite" products by a large breathing hole, which is important if you breathe through your mouth at night. For many people, the SleepPro is a complete snoring cure -- and it's cheap enough that you can test whether you will benefit from a mandibular advancement device at relatively low risk.   But the Sleep Pro -- in common with other products in this category --  may not be wholly effective because it will not hold your jaw as firmly as a custom-made device.  Enter the Sleep Pro 2.

Sleep Pro 2

The Sleep Pro 2 is custom-made from a special dental impression kit that the manufacturer  sends you.  You take an impression of your teeth yourself (easier than you might think, say the manufactures) and send it back.  After a couple of weeks you'll receive a device that fits your teeth and jaw shape  much more closely, making for a more comfortable product that will reliably stay in overnight -- still hundreds of dollars less expensive than the traditional devices provided by dentists. 


The SleepPro products Sp-1 and SP-2 are distributed and stocked in North America by


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