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Injection Snoreplasty

Injection snoreplasty is a relatively new method of controlling snoring that appears to be safe and inexpensive. 

Designed to address the primary snorer (a Socially Incorrect Snorer, in our terminology), this procedure involves your doctor injecting a substance into your mouth to stiffen your upper palate.  This reduces the vibration that causes snoring.  The substance is a "sclerosing agent" that scars your palate. 

(Surgical cures for snoring can work the same way: your surgeon will use a laser, scalpel or radiofrequency device to scar and thereby stiffen your throat tissues.  The trick seems to be identifying the tissues which are most responsible for your snoring.  We're all different.)   


Initial clinical experience at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C. involving 27 patients reported a 92% success rate in snoring control.   Nineteen months after treatment, 22 patients evaluated the frequency and loudness of their snoring.  95 percent were willing to undergo the procedure again and would recommend it to others. Sixteen percent of patients reported a relapse of their snoring after treatment.  One anecdotal article says that the snorer's spouse noticed a 50% reduction in snoring.

Some of our readers who have undergone this experience say it is a lot more painful than they'd been led to believe but the procedure does reduce their snoring. The cost has typically been in the $300 range per injection.  More than one injection is often necessary.

Click on the image at right for an animated graphic of how snoreplasty works.

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