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Socially Incorrect Snorers often complain of a sore or dry throat.

This is because the vibration of your soft palate for hours at a time will dry out and even bruise your tissues.

A solution that may help your throat and cut down your snoring (or at least reduce the volume) is to use one of the numerous throat sprays on the market (so many that they need their own page!).

How they work:

Snoring occurs when your throat tissue becomes dry. The noise is typically produced by the soft palate, vibrating against the back of the throat or the base of the tongue. Throat sprays consist of natural oils that lubricate the back of your throat (soft palate), including the uvula (tissue dangling at the back of your throat).  The lubrication dampens or even eliminates the sound of the vibrations.  Manufacturers say that their products will keep your throat lubricated for up to eight hours. 

Related products that work the same way include gel strips that your place on the roof of your mouth and throat rinses.

Click here for our ever-growing list of throat sprays.

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