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Anti Snoring Nasal Strips

If you have allergies or frequently suffer from nasal congestion, then you "Nose it's a Problem." The logical place to start attacking your snoring problem, therefore, is to open your nasal passages.  This page covers three approaches: nasal strips, nasal support devices, and nose sprays and drops.  

One of the quickest, least expensive and amazingly effective remedies to improper nose breathing that contributes to snoring is using a nasal dilation device. There are many products available on the market, but the one we personally tested that worked beautifully was the Max Air Nose Cones. These simple soft devices literally opened up my nose for the first time and allowed a huge increase in air flow. I have a deviated septum that inhibits air flow through one side or the other on any given day, so this product really enhanced my labored breathing at night. It is ideal for other nasal issues aside from deviated septums like nasal collapse when sleeping on your side; sinus infections allowing more healing air flow to clear congestion; snoring and mild sleep apnea caused by the restricted nasal passage; and also overnight dry mouth breathing.
I experienced an immediate increased airflow and my wife noticed a significant reduction in labored breathing and snoring at night! We are both sleeping better, so I highly recommend this anti snoring nasal dilation device as an additional relief and remedy for chronic snorers who suffer from restrictive nasal symptoms. Click here to visit their website for more info and to order.

Nasal Strips

Nasal strips are one of the most popular remedies for snoring.  These are drug-free, non-prescription devices that work mechanically to keep your nose open and make breathing easier.

Nasal strips typically consist of one or more bands of plastic embedded in an adhesive pad. When properly placed across the nose, the bands attempt to straighten. This action lifts the sides of the nose, widening the space in the nasal valve and helping to maintain airflow throughout the night.

We used to list more than one brand of nasal strip in this space, but as of mid-2006, it appears that Breathe Right has vanquished all competitors.

Nasal support devices

Another way to keep the nasal passages open is to work from inside the nostrils. 

Brahms Sleep Aid, an adjustable device that fits in the nose
Breathe EZ, a small nose clip made of soft washable urethane material that clips on the septum.
Breathe with EEZ, a nasal insert
Nasaline Snooze Nostril Expander, two silicone nostril expanders to open up airways and improve airflow
Nose Brace, a nasal insert that can be worn day and night
Nozovent does the same thing.
Sinus Cones fit in the nose; the manufacturer claims they can even help those with deviated septums
Snore Free, a nose clip with the added feature of including two earth magnets, which stimulate the sensory nerves of the nose, opening the nasal passages.

View ratings and reviews for these nasal products here.

Nose sprays and drops

Another approach to the problem is to reduce your nasal secretions (that's what the homeopathic solutions do, as well as most over-the-counter allergy medicines) -- or reduce the swelling in your nasal passages.  One such solution is NasalCare. Another nose drop is Asonor, which  softens the mucous membranes and lightly tightens the musculature of the throat.

There are also a variety of prescription nasal sprays. For more information on nasal corticosteroid sprays, click here.


Finally, for those preferring homeopathic remedies, check out our aromatherapy page for a selection of products that claim to help your respiratory system operate silently at night.




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